8-Week Real-Time Visibility Journey

Achieving full real-time visibility is a journey — but not necessarily a long one. When we started the Follow My Progress campaign with Schoellershammer, whose packaging paper is valued by customers all over the world, we guaranteed that the company would see the impact within two months. 

Carrier onboarding was the first step on the journey and the key to success in every real-time visibility project. By quickly and securely onboarding carriers we enable our customers to get full transparency over their operations. In Schoellershammer’s case, we managed to connect 7030 trucks and 75 onboarded subcarriers in the first week. 

The combination of Transporeon as an execution platform and Sixfold as an ETA and RTV data provider was the key factor in our decision to roll out this project,” said Schoellershammer’s Head of Logistics Frank Vogeler. “Including RTV information into our daily operations will improve our on-site yard processes and enhance the customer experience.”

Exploring accurate real-time ETAs

In recent years, thanks to the proliferation of ride-hailing and food delivery services, supplying customers with a real-time estimated time of arrival (ETA) of shipments has become the norm. In the logistics industry, however, the use of ETAs extends far beyond increased customer satisfaction.

After entering the second month of its visibility journey, Schoellershammer’s onboarded transport volume was already 75% and the ETA was working for 98% of its tours. This meant that they were ready to explore the exciting possibilities being offered by accurate real-time ETAs. This is one of our core capabilities, driven by our dedicated team of domain and machine learning experts that have extensive experience in making ETAs work for our customers.

The impact of RTV — improved yard management

Yard management is one of the major potential bottlenecks in supply chains, and optimizing this area is key to ensuring low costs and on-time deliveries. Luckily, real-time visibility can help out here in several ways.

The yard management capabilities that are powered by our real-time visibility solution let customers see the number of trucks loading or waiting at a site at any given moment, as well as displaying the ordered list of incoming trucks. Furthermore, our system even shows customers predictions of who will be at the site at a certain time - e.g. in 2 hours from now - thereby predicting future problems such as overloaded parking lots and longer-than-agreed dwell times. 

Having this information available ahead of time allows the yard to efficiently reallocate resources, reschedule arrivals and more. Since the start of Schoellershammer’s RTV journey, the percentage of trucks spending more than 2h at the site has already fallen by 35% when looking at weekly median numbers.

Realizing the benefits of RTV

By the 8th week of Schoellershammer’s RTV Journey, the most challenging hurdles had been overcome, enabling it to implement the newly acquired RTV data into its operational processes for the 12,561 trucks and 233 carriers connected to Schoellershammer transports, main carriers and their subcarriers that were connected.

And it’s not only the logistics department, but the entire organization that is benefiting from RTV. In addition to the logistics department, we enable optimization potential and use cases throughout other business departments e.g the customer service and sales team can use Sixfold ETA information to improve customer experience.

Following the setup of Tranporeon’s Control Tower and Sixfold’s Warehouse Radar, the Schoellershammer team now benefits from a clearer overview of current and future yard situations, as well as the ability to forecast warehouse activities.

Consumers expect to be able to track anything they’ve ordered and now, real-time visibility provides this information to our customers’. The training session with the sales teams focused on delivering excellence to Schoellershammer’s goods recipients. Activating the customized portal is guaranteed to boost this element of the overall customer experience and drive further efficiencies in the future. 

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