When is the appropriate time for tendering? (part 2)

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Part 2 of the series "10 tips for transport tendering"

Transport tenders can have different reasons and destinations. These hints and tips are the result of many years of experience in advising and supporting our customers in various tendering projects.

Flexible tendering time provides advantages

Once you have defined the objective of the transport tendering, you should consider the appropriate tendering time. In principle, the more flexible you are with the time of the tender, i.e. the more lead time you have, the more independently and flexibly you can react to certain trends in the market.

Decoupling transport tendering from market companions

For example, it might be useful to separate your transport tendering from those of other major market players. Always remember that service providers have limited capacity to process tenders. Therefore, it may also be possible for you to free yourself from peaks towards the end of the year and put out to tender at the beginning of the following year, for example. You should therefore try to identify a tendering date that guarantees favourable conditions. As long as you are not bound to a fixed date due to expiring agreements, you can then act according to the market situation.

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Set the time of the tender

Therefore, analyse the respective market environment in advance to obtain indications of the appropriate time for tendering before you determine the time of the tender. By the way, you can follow the development of market prices with the relevant market indices, for example with the Transporeon Transport Market Radar (https://www.transportmarketmonitor.com/).

So far my tip for today to determine the appropriate time for the tender. In the next blog, I will deal with important preliminary considerations regarding the network structure on which your tender is based.

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