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5 questions and answers for reliable real-time tracking of goods delivery!

Digitalization: Curse or blessing? Shippers are still searching for the right solution for seamless tracking when transporting their goods within an increasingly digital supply chain. There is a lot of catching up to do, particularly in the last step – the delivery of goods to the customer. The key points are seamless and reliable shipment tracking, especially over the last mile, and the lack of digitized delivery documents and workflows, such as status messages. Shippers also find it extremely difficult to manage the balancing act between the needs of their customers receiving the goods and the quality of their transport service providers.

On the journey to a reliably documented delivery of goods, shippers are faced with these crucial questions:

  1. How do I allow my customer to be able to track where the ordered goods are at any time and expected arrival times?
  2. How can important documents, such as proof of delivery, be viewed and processed without delay?
  3. How can I document damages that occur during transport and optimize my complaint management?
  4. What monitoring options are available that will allow me to evaluate different data from my service providers (keyword: benchmarking)?
  5. How do I manage to map all these requirements in real time and with just a few clicks in a clear and consistent system?

In order to understand whether digitalization is truly a curse or a blessing, we have to examine which digital tools are available to support you on the journey to a reliable and seamless delivery of goods, along with the answers to the five most pressing challenges:

1. How do I allow my customer to be able to track where the ordered goods are at any time and expected arrival times?

As a shipper, you face increasing customer demands for greater transparency and more detailed shipment tracking. Your customers expect real-time monitoring of shipments and improved order processing and tracking with immediate status reports. With Transporeon Tracking & Visibility products, status updates are displayed and sent in real time, enabling proactive response and timely conflict resolution. By continuously calculating the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), taking into account driver breaks, weather, traffic conditions and more, you can keep consignees, service providers and colleagues up to date while keeping track of the location and arrival of your shipments.

2. How can important documents, such as proof of delivery, be viewed and processed without delay?

Shipper dispatchers continue to struggle in a daily "paper war" despite great strides in digitization and data standardization. Transport documents are still sent by post, arrive too late or, in worst case scenarios, do not reach the dispatcher at all. Often, not every delivery detail can be tracked, which leads to problems or delayed invoicing and a high degree of manual effort.

Electronic signature

Proof of delivery documents that require a signature can be easily created using the Transporeon app. With Real Time Workflow & Documents, Transporeon provides a tool via the cloud platform that enables the complete, digital representation of workflows and a fast and reliable transfer of important information within the scope of a transport. The only requirement is a smartphone or other mobile device with camera and download of the Transporeon App (via operating system iOS or Android). A signature, or proof of delivery, can be easily obtained via the smartphone at any time using the app. Thus, digital delivery documents can be created directly by obtaining the recipient's signature, transmitted to selected addressees or imported directly into your goods in-house system.

Special case: carrier's certificate

However, no signature or app is required for the special case of the carrier’s certificate, which has to be provided for tax inspection in the case of deliveries abroad within the EU. Obtaining this certificate is often complicated and time-consuming for both the carrier and shipper. By submitting an appropriate status, Transporeon offers the possibility of generating this type of proof of delivery quickly and electronically, and avoiding the time-consuming "paperwork". Once the delivery or shipment has arrived at its destination, the carrier can set an appropriate status that automatically generates the required carrier's certificate and transfers it directly to the carrier’s and shipper’s system.

3. How can I document damages that occur during transport and optimize my complaint management?

Damaged goods that nobody wants to document? Once the transport has been completed, it is difficult to subsequently determine when the damage occurred and who is responsible for it. Real Time Workflow & Documents also helps in this case with integrated photo documentation. The truck driver snaps photos of the damaged goods with his mobile device or to prove that the safety requirements have been met. The photos are transferred directly to the in-house system via the Transporeon App, including the GPS position, or sent by e-mail to selected recipients.

4. What monitoring options are there with which I can evaluate different data from my service providers (keyword: benchmarking)?

Multiple transport service providers = different communication channels and inconsistent data.

If larger carriers work with differing telematics systems, smaller service providers are dependent on the driver's mobile phone or feedback from the dispatcher in order to provide current status messages. The Transporeon Tracking & Visibility product range offers a solution for every system: Carriers who use telematics systems automatically transmit current vehicle positions to the Transporeon platform via our partner Sixfold or via an interface to the respective ERP system of the shipper.

Drivers of smaller carriers, who usually work without a telematics system, can download the Transporeon App and send status messages via smartphone. Alternatively, the current status can be transmitted through the carrier’s TMS system and an interface to Transporeon to the shipper's ERP system, if required.

Through this optimized communication process with your service provider, shippers receive uniform and usable knowledge about KPIs and partner performance, enabling you to realistically benchmark the delivery performance and reliability of your service providers.

5. How do I manage to map all these requirements in real time and with just a few clicks in a clear and uniform system?

A solution for every challenge – in one system! Sounds good, but how do I keep track – especially with a large number of transports, customers and transport service providers?

Extended map display

The cloud-based Transporeon platform brings all functionalities together and clearly displays them in real time for each transport. A smart map view, which can be individually adapted to the needs of the user, is helpful for the best display. The view of individual transports as well as a general view of all transports on a map can be displayed and tracked in detail.

Digitalization – curse or blessing?

We can now definitely answer this question positively: For shippers, the digitalization of the supply chain offers great opportunities to remain competitive in your industry and also improve the quality of your service providers – especially in the delivery of goods.

Benefits: What can the right visibility strategy do for your company?

  • Optimize your supply chain with real-time transparency
  • Keep goods recipients, service providers and colleagues up to date
  • Improve your service and increase customer satisfaction through smooth and error-free information transfer
  • Proactively manage the transports that require your attention
  • Reduce the effort and error rate when communicating with your carrier 
  • Offer your carriers more flexibility through various options for transmitting status messages (telematics / interface / app)
  • Gain usable knowledge of KPIs and partner performance
  • Benefit from a lower loss ratio thanks to optimized loss management
  • Improve your overall transport process and resource planning

Curious? Take a look at Transporeon solutions in real-world scenarios!

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