Safe social distancing and efficient working practices

Transporeon achieves 113 customer go-lives during pandemic, thanks to robust remote delivery capabilities

Like so many other organizations around the globe, Transporeon has been forced to make huge adjustments during lockdown. In March 2020, most employees across Europe headed home, taking the equipment they needed to be productive while out of the office. Business trips, client meetings and site visits were immediately cancelled. Our annual summit and other key events were switched to virtual settings. So in one sense, everything changed. But in other ways, nothing changed at all.

It’s been business as usual for Transporeon. As my colleague Philipp Pfister, Director of Professional Services, explained “The biggest surprise for our customers has been discovering our best work is done on a remote basis.” As our personnel are located in many different cities across the region, everyone is already very familiar with working in virtual teams.

With well-established remote delivery capabilities, Transporeon never thought that operating during lockdown would be “mission impossible”. In fact, the most recent figures show that we have been as busy as always. Since early March, Transporeon has completed a total of 113 go-lives, welcoming 8 new customers to our growing online community during this challenging period including Refresco, the world largest independent bottler of beverages, and UPM Pulp, the responsible producer of northern softwood, birch and eucalyptus pulp. These go-lives featured 25 rollout projects with existing shipper customers including Cargill , Kellogg and Whirlpool.

“Working with Transporeon throughout the crisis has been an eye-opener,” according to Harry Bloemen , Director Supply Chain Development Europe at Refresco. “We were already halfway through the implementation of Transporeon in some of our business units when Covid-19 led to the travel ban. We were afraid of getting into significant delay or even the go-live to be put on hold. Instead, it happened on time and without a hitch – we felt Transporeon was alongside us every step of the way in terms of rollout, training, technical support and more. It’s amazing how much can be achieved despite being physically distant.”

It has been equally busy on the carrier side. During the same period, Transporeon signed up an additional 4,378 new carriers, bringing the total number of carriers in our global network to well over 100,000. To support carriers through the crisis we launched several key initiatives, including free access to a real-time map showing truck border crossing times and the premium version of our Transport Market Monitor.

Our biggest concern at lockdown was that our customers and our workforce might feel left out, like they were missing something or being overlooked. So early on we committed to staying connected, relying on all of the usual communication tools – video calls and virtual meetings – as well as using our platforms. Interestingly, when everyone made an increased effort to communicate, they also became more committed to getting things done. We’ve achieved some tremendous results in lockdown and convinced many customers to continue with new projects to secure success in the post-COVID future.

Working alone at home was particularly difficult for our young, bright technology specialists, so we found new ways to recreate real-world office interaction such as virtual coffee breaks and Friday evening beer breaks. We have even started arranging these informal online get-togethers with our customers.

Looking ahead, a lockdown lesson for Transporeon is sure to be finding the right balance between safe social distancing and efficient working practices, while also remembering the environmental benefits of limiting unnecessary travel. The pandemic has certainly given customers confidence in our ability to deliver on a remote basis.

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