Go-live the freight tender, only when everything is ready! (Part 8)

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Do not start with the freight tendering until you can be sure that everything is ready and that all the data is complete. When a freight tender is created under time pressure, experience shows that it has shortcomings that lead to suboptimal results.

Make sure to use the expertise of the parties involved for a preliminary check of the tender before you go live. If you use an electronic tendering platform, you can draw on the experience of the experts there for a check. They can test the project for consistency and completeness. In addition, route details, volumes, units used for currencies, weights, etc. should be checked without fail.

It is always worth checking your freight tender before you go live: small errors can otherwise require a lot of effort to be reworked, communicated and corrected later. For example, if the error is only discovered in the current tender. Here too, electronic tenders have an advantage: later corrections can be carried out relatively easily in the Ticontract platform by exporting and importing the data.

Nevertheless: Nothing is more unpleasant for the participating transport partners than if the tender is subsequently changed. A change in the structure and individual parameters ultimately means additional work for them. There is another reason to check whether everything is really ready and conclusive before going live with the transport tender. If a carrier is confronted with uncertainties due to unclear queries, he will plan these as a risk. The clearer the transport tender is, the better offers you will get.

And one more thing: If you can only access the required data on transports and volumes in the internal organisation with great effort: please contact the previous service providers. They usually have all the order data at their fingertips. Do not leave the service providers in the dark about the purpose of the inquiry, play with their cards on the table.

That's my tip on the freight tender Go-Live. The next blog is about the importance of the communication with all involved parties.

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