Electronic freight purchasing: tasks of the project team (part 7)

Harbor with containers from a bird's eye view

An electronic freight purchasing system reduces the effort compared to manual transport tendering considerably, especially if you use a tendering platform. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate such a project! An inadequately prepared and executed tender will only be able to deliver inadequate results. Therefore you should definitely form an internal project team with available resources and assign specific tasks.

Who answers queries on electronic freight purchasing promptly?

A tender requires active support over the entire period. Therefore certain functions must be guaranteed. Define who in the project team is available to answer questions from participating forwarding agents. No matter how well they prepare the tender - there will always be questions. And they should be answered promptly. Consider who can best answer the possible questions. If, for example, it is a Europe-wide tender, a country manager who knows his way around could also be the most suitable contact person. Integrate him or her into the internal project team!

If you use an online tool to invite tenders, you enter a contact person and communication channel (telephone, e-mail) through which the expert can be reached. A direct contact person is one of the most important functions for your transport tendering. Make sure that responses are received within one or two days.

If you lack sufficient internal capacities, you can also outsource the functions and commission an external project team: professional tendering platforms offer to take over the entire project management in the Managed Service.

That's my tip on how to coordonate your project team around electronic freight purchasing. The next blog is about the freight tender Go-Live!

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