E-Sourcing reduces resource and time requirements (Part 6)

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Calculate realistically in which time frame you can carry out the tender by means of e-sourcing. Take into account seasonal peaks and other bottlenecks such as seasonal breaks and holidays. The time required for the bid invitation depends largely on the following factors:

  • Scope (routes, modes of transport, complexity, number of service providers involved, etc.)
  • Internationality (number of countries involved, suppliers, own locations etc.)
  • Implementation (conventional with Excel lists, with freight exchange, with tendering platform with comprehensive evaluation functions etc.)
  • Own resources (team size, available time slots etc.)

Minimize time requirements with E-Sourcing

In general, electronic tendering platforms minimise the time required. This applies to both the tendering party and the participating companies, which in turn increases the willingness of carriers to participate in the tender. This is because the e-sourcing platform helps to automate many processes and avoid input errors. The need for communication is reduced and the evaluation of offers is simplified.

Nevertheless, do not set the total period of the transport tendering procedure too short. Experience shows that data entry does not take up most of the time. Rather, it is the provision of data and the harmonization of information from the branches, plants, etc. involved that takes a certain amount of time. In your own interest, you should also allow sufficient time for the carriers involved in the tendering process. It has not proved to be a good idea to save on the overall processing time of the tender.

It is also important that you also properly plan the internal resources involved in the preparation and execution of the transport tender. More about this in the next blog post.

One more note: Check whether the selected process offers auditability or how you can establish this. Today, a complete documentation of all tendering steps is usually required due to existing compliance guidelines. Electronic tendering platforms meet this requirement.

That's my tip on how e-sourcing reduces resource and time requirements. The next blog is about how to coordonate your project team around electronic freight purchasing.

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