Create transparency and maintain assignment scenario! (Part 10)

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Transport tenders can have different reasons and destinations. In order for them to be successful, there are a number of points that must always be observed. I would like to follow up on these points here and discuss the most important steps of a successful transport tendering. The hints and tips are the result of many years of experience in advising and accompanying our customers in various tendering projects.

At the end of larger tenders you will have a large number of individual prices. These can be combined in the tender analysis to form a wide variety of scenarios and compared with each other. Now it is important to create transparency about the results and to obtain the best possible assignment scenario.

If you have used a professional e-sourcing platform for your tender, you are now at an advantage. You benefit from the standardized structure and can compare "apples with apples". In addition, tendering platforms offer integrated analysis tools that help you to build your scenarios significantly faster, easier and error-free. Some platforms provide you with predefined standard reports without additional effort, which in many cases are already sufficient for decision-making. This creates transparency about the results, which cannot be achieved manually or only with a great deal of time and effort.

In the case of very large or very complex transport tenders, you will usually want to examine additional assignement scenarios, because hundreds of thousands or even millions of price fields offer almost infinite scope for awarding options. In order to be able to optimally evaluate the data when transport tenders are highly complex, the use of mathematical combinatorics can be very advantageous. With the help of mathematical combinatorics, the offers received are automatically optimized in certain assignement scenarios according to predefined rules. For example, Ticontract offers a special service with the "Kombinatorik Solver" for this purpose. This gives you a previously unattained transparency in your transport tendering.

This concludes our series "Tips for transport tendering".

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