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Take your logistics to competitive excellence with Freight Audit and Business Intelligence

The modern world places a huge competitive strain on freight and logistics. ControlPay provides its clients with the solution: incredible budget savings and crystal-clear data visibility for process optimization.

ControlPay is one of the foremost global providers of Freight Audit digital solutions, backed by human auditing expertise. We help multinational clients eliminate billing errors, avoid overpayments, improve logistical operations and more. Save costs, improve logistical efficiency and reach new heights with our support!


Key Benefits of Freight Audit and Business Intelligence

ControlPay has been a digital Freight Audit and logistics data innovator for nearly 20 years. Our support empowers our clients in saving money and streamlining their operations.

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Unified Data Approach

Thanks to our deep logistical experience, ControlPay streamlines and clarifies logistical data for the client’s benefit, removing confusion, paperwork and wasted time.

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Custom-Tailored Approach

Our vast experience with the largest global clients and complex logistical operations allows us to custom-tailor our solutions to your specific setup and needs.

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Process Optimization

ControlPay has been perfecting digital analytics and reporting tools for more than 10 years. We help you streamline operations and free up management time.

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Perfect Logistical Visibility

Our tools provide actionable data and full visibility of your logistical operations. Recognize problematic patterns, growth opportunities and competitive advantages.

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Cost Savings

Our solutions allow you to cut logistics costs by up to 32%, find invoicing errors, avoid overbilling, resolve carrier issues and much more.



About ControlPay

ControlPay was founded in 2002 to assist with the control of freight costs and the processing of invoices of large multinationals with complex logistical structures. Our focus on digital innovation backed by human expertise enabled us to become Europe’s market leader in Freight Audit, as well as a key global provider.

With a wide business network and offices in the United States, Asia, Brazil, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Ukraine, we empower global clients to reach competitive excellence in logistics. 

Cost savings, highly accurate data and digital innovation are the hallmarks of ControlPay’s approach.

Take your logistics to a new competitive level. Increase your savings. Simply fill out the form and we will reach out with more info!