Visibility Mastery 2021

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More than half of logistics professionals reported that poor visibility was their biggest challenge in 2020. Disruptions are never easy to predict, but having real-time insights can help businesses better monitor their operations, adapt quickly to rapid changes, and successfully manage future uncertainty. 

Get the recording and relive this masterclass on Real-Time Visibility, a must-see for all industry professionals.

We were thrilled to welcome speakers from Durex, Instafreight, Guardian Glass, and more.

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Over the course of 100-minutes we explored the real-world impact of visibility from a variety of perspectives, including: 

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The future of logistics: key insights into tomorrow’s supply chain

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The latest trends and tech updates within real-time visibility

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Customer cases: a variety of real-world stories from retailers, carriers, and shipers

Watch the Recording

Meet our Featured Speakers



14:00 CEST


14:05 CEST

The Current State of Supply Chain

14:20 CEST

From Real-Time Visibility to the Physical Internet, Better Decisions by Better Data

14:25 CEST

How carriers can benefit in their daily operations from RTV

14:30 CEST

Carrier Operations Transformed

14:35 CEST

Growing the business and increasing the customer excellence

14:40 CEST

The time for true supply chain visibility data sharing is now

14:55 CEST

The Future of Ocean Visibility

15:00 CEST

Guide to Carrier Onboarding Success

15:05 CEST

How real-time visibility module improved logistics operations at Canpack

15:10 CEST

Embracing the Change and Setting the Focus on Sustainability

15:20 CEST

Vertical CO2e Accounting

15:25 CEST

Future Trends for #SupplyChain post-COVID

15:40 CEST

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