Transporeon Community Machtmaking 2020

Virtual speed dating for shippers and carriers to discover new business relations


From 23 - 24 June 2020 we hosted our first virtual Community Matchmaking event with enormous success. This is Europe’s biggest digital transport networking event open to all our carrier and shipper customers belonging to our global supply chain network, one of the world’s largest, with 100,000 carriers and 1,200 shippers.

Two unique networking days with meetings scheduled based on business interests of the community members and data-driven algorithm to help by suggesting suitable new contacts - a powerful way to expand the network.

As if Matchmaking was not enough, delegates met up with some of the top experts in logistics as we have curated an array of areas of expertise ranging from current supply chain challenges, new technologies and innovation, evolving regulations and many more. More than 300 participants attended and 500+ virtual meetings to find new, perfect business partners for the future took place in a new virtual environment. Our sincere thanks goes out to all in our Community for making this Matchmaking so successful!


Day 1, Tuesday 23 June:

Stephan Sieber opening the Transporeon Community Matchmaking 2020

We're a powerful network of customers, of technology, of experience, of transactions and most importantly of people and expertise. And it is our pleasure to host this Matchmaking event today!

Keynote: Networking, the new collaboration!

Never heard about a Black Swan phenomenon? Learn now why such events require better networking, dialogue and collaboration across industries, borders and generations. The future winners in the logistics industry will be collaborative, advanced in the use of technology (instead of technologically advanced), multi-generational & flexible, they will be both: successful and sustainable. Networking has to stop being a transactional process and must be the beginning of a successful collaborative approach!

Philip Evans, Secretary General at The European Freight and Logistics Leaders'​ Forum

Day 2, Wednesday 24 June:

COO Laurent Le Mercier opening day 2

Why we believe that the power of largest community network is going to drive performance going forward is that we have a great believe that supply chain performance lies on the ability to partner togehter in order to deliver long-term solutions. But also in order to deliver the supply chain perforamce we are all looking forward to.