Procurement Conference 2021

7 October 2021
14:00 – 18:00 CEST

Transforming Transportation Procurement through Collaborative Sourcing Strategies

This past year has challenged and changed our industry in every way imaginable. Transport markets are in turmoil. Capacity remains unstable, even as certain markets return to normal. Shippers are facing increasing numbers of rejected loads from their contracted carriers while seeing costs skyrocket on the spot market. 

Join us for our Procurement Conference where we will discuss the current market situation and the emerging trends in freight procurement.

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Our top speakers will address questions like:

  • Which strategies can we use to mitigate market uncertainty?
  • How can technology help us optimize our sourcing strategies?
  • How can we leverage the power of community?
  • What will it take for us to keep ahead of the freight market in the future? 
  • How can we prioritize sustainable procurement to aid in transport decarbonization? 



Transforming Transportation Procurement

Using collaborative sourcing strategies to transform our industry and prepare for the future. 


Nikolay Pargov, Executive Director, Freight Procurement & Audit


Keynote: Evolution  through Collaboration

How shippers and carriers can work together more effectively to improve procurement. Based on results from a 2021 industry survey. 


Adrian Gonzales, President, Adelante SCM


Roundtable: Strategies for Better Procurement    

Hear from diverse industry leaders on how to achieve procurement excellence using best practices and the latest technology. 


Lena von Fritschen, Director Market Intelligence, Transporeon

Moderated by:

Stefan Meyer, Director Procurement Operations & Managed Services, Transporeon


Coffee Break


Roundtable: Cracking the Capacity Crunch

Finding and applying the right sourcing strategies to address the capacity crunch when markets are in turmoil.


Jeff Kanterman, Regional Vice President, Transportation Management, NFI

Moderated by:

Ingo Ocklenburg, Senior Manager Procurement Operations, Transporeon


Interview: Using Procurement to Drive Sustainability

How can procurement support sustainability? And how can we better work together across the supply chain to reduce wasted resources? Join us for this interview on how collaborative technology is making logistics better for everyone.


Michael Jonas, Principal, Boston Consulting Group

Kevin Kuhlmann, Regional Sales Manager Central & Northern Europe, Transporeon


Coffee Break


Optimizing Your Procurement Strategy with Data

Learn how to use data insights to make more proactive decisions to help optimize your procurement strategy. 


Nikolay Pargov, Executive Director, Freight Procurement & Audit, Transporeon


Think Like a Scientist

Improve your procurement processes by applying the latest tech and automation. 


Jonah McIntire, Director - Autonomous Procurement, Transporeon


Closing: Looking Ahead

Improve your procurement processes by applying the latest tech and automation. 


Nikolay Pargov, Executive Director, Freight Procurement & Audit, Transporeon


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