Zero-waste, multi-modal, recycling revisited.

Is digitization the key to a more sustainable future?

13.30-16.00 CEST
26 October 2021

Join us for this event dedicated to our Paper, Print and Packaging community. We’re delighted to announce a carefully curated list of experts and lighthouse customers who will showcase current and predicted trends that are emerging as transformative for this industry.


Benefit from original insights and use cases on:

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How to maximise your bottom line with digital solutions

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Increased flexibility thanks to greater visibility

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Reaching a more sustainable place through digitization

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Our position as a trusted source for high quality data, insights and analysis 

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Sustainability as a key driver for market outlook and company performance 

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PLUS don’t miss the keynote session with Ardagh  

What are today’s big trends for Paper, Print and Packaging, and how are they transforming the industry?

Digitization and sustainability top the agenda across the industry as market outlook increasingly depends on action to transform operations in Paper, Print and Packaging, prioritizing greater efficiency and a lower carbon footprint.

Hear from the experts on what innovation means for this sector, gain insight into real life use cases and tune into the most forward-thinking panel discussions at this dedicated industry event.   

Transporeon: a source you can rely on

As one of the largest logistics cloud-platforms leading the market, we have access to highly accurate data and rich insights to deliver up-to-the-minute analysis, and the quality of our data can rarely be matched. Relied on by the global transportation market as a trusted source of information, we bring the data upon which decisions are made with the power to transform.






Keynote session: Trends Transforming The Paper, Print and Packaging Industry


Keynote session: Learning from the customer


Keynote session: COVID-19: A Catalyst for Digitalization

The impact of Covid-19 on market outlooks, company performance and digitalization.


Pulse-check on innovations

Get an inside look at how Transporeon’s latest innovations can be applied to the Paper, Print and Packaging industry.


Real-Time Visibility with Burgo

A close-up view of Real-Time Visibility in the context of the Paper, Print and Packaging industry and how better visibility brings increased flexibility.


Keynote session: Sustainability trends 


Expert Interview on sustainability, multi-modal, recycling and waste/water management 

Experts come together to explore key topics:

  • Why recycling is the new normal in packaging industry
  • Zero-waste packaging Is on the rise
  • Packaging: when waste is not a dirty word 


Event wrap up & closing



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