Industry Leader Talks

Join us for a thrilling series of digital events, tailored exclusively to transportation professionals and addressing the three most important challenges of logistics: 

Reducing CO2 emissions
Cutting Wait Times with Real-Time Data
Minimizing Empty Runs

We welcome logistics professionals from well-known shipping and transport companies as well as industry leaders and experts from international NGOs and supply chain associations to share their knowledge and best practices.


Minimizing Empty Runs Through Horizontal Collaboration

Did you know that between 15-30% of all freight vehicles in Europe run empty?

Watch the recording and hear from industry experts how joint tendering for freight and platform matchmaking can reduce waste and generate big savings.

You need to find people committed to [collaborative tendering] and believing in the value, and the value will come in the future once you really built a community, it’s an economy of scale, it’s really building up slowly, but then suddenly exploding.

— Michael Gierloff, Director European Transport Sourcing & Supply Chain Collaboration, CHEP

You need to have sufficient data to make a decision. We were talking about having 200 carriers connected and I said “It should be more”. Michael just said “We have 10,000 carriers ; it should be 30,000-40,000 carriers to have good data and a good basis for decision.

—  Martin Freinatis, Senior Project Manager & Team Captain “Transporeon4Future", Transporeon


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Trust the Network

What are the three biggest challenges in the transport industry today? 

To go further, listen to industry analyst Adrian Gonzalez and Transporeon CEO Stephan Sieber as they reflect back on the key lessons of 2020 and discuss the benefits of network effects throughout the supply chains. 

Even thought platforms such as Transporeon have been around for a while already, I really think that the best is yet to come. Because a lot of companies are just now starting to recognize or understand what we mean when we talk about the Network Effect.

—  Adrian Gonzalez, Industry Analyst and Founder of Talking Logistics

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Reducing CO2 Emissions

Heavy-duty vehicles are responsible for nearly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions from transport in the EU. That’s why it’s so important to make — and maintain — sustainability as a focus for every logistics organization.

Industry leaders recently came together to share best practice and recommendations to decarbonize logistics and move the industry toward a greener future.

We do need to optimize and use the solutions that we have today. But that doesn’t mean we are not fully invested in the net zero solutions. And I think we need to continue to have that demand signal paired with good policies to make sure we get there faster.

—  Angie Farrag-Thibault, Project Lead Clean Trucking, World Economic Forum


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Cutting Wait Times with Real-Time Data

Every week drivers lose hours stuck waiting at the docks. Those costs are felt throughout the entire logistics industry. 

Watch the recording and explore the best practices — and most exciting new technologies — to help reduce those waiting times and improve efficiency.

Reducing delays at the point of loading and unloading by just 20% will result in a big part of our business profitability, so it’s definitely a crucial point.

—  Ilario Dissegna, General Manager, Dissegna Logistics


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This series is inspired by the Transportation Pulse Report 2021. Based on responses from 300 industry stakeholders, the report identifies the transport industry’s biggest gaps and greatest opportunities.