Transporeon Group and TIM Consult join forces

Representatives from Transporeon and TIM Consult

TIM Consult, the international business logistics consultancy, is to merge with the Transporeon Group. The new, combined group will offer customers a worldwide cloud-platform for intelligent transport logistics and best-in-class multi-modal freight procurement solutions, both combined with unparalleled and real time insight into transport market dynamics.

TIM Consult was founded in Germany in 1995 and provides business logistics consultancy, market intelligence and procurement services on a global basis, across all transport modes and industry verticals.

By adding the portfolio of TIM Consult to the Transporeon Group platform, customers will be able to benefit from new high-quality market intelligence products and consultancy services, as well as faster access to innovative big data applications. TIM Consult will benefit from access to the extensive network of the Transporeon, Mercareon and Ticontract platforms, expanding its data-driven business model.

“Tens of thousands of transport orders are assigned via our cloud-based platforms every day and around 10 billion euros worth of freight tenders are carried out every year. In these customer relationships, there is an enormous untapped potential. Together with TIM Consult, we can provide our customers with an even more comprehensive and wider portfolio of consulting services and products, whilst further optimizing our solutions,” explains Martin Mack, CTO and Managing Partner of the Transporeon Group.

“As a part of Transporeon, we are significantly expanding our reach and gain access to the company’s first-class IT-expertise”, adds Björn Klippel, Managing Partner/CEO and Founder of TIM Consult GmbH. “Through the pooling of our efforts and know-how, we can offer our customers avariety of innovative services and tools worldwide.

”Following the merger, TIM Consult will be 100% part of the Transporeon Group, but will  continue to operate as an independent business, retaining its two offices in Mannheim, Germany and New York City, USA. TIM Consult’s separate business units “Warehousing and Intra-Logistics” and “Waste Management” will continue to operate as independent entities, pursuing their development strategies with their specialized teams.

Björn Klippel becomes shareholder of the Transporeon Group and remains Managing Director of TIM Consult. Oliver Kahrs will be appointed as additional Managing Director of TIM Consult; he has been with Transporeon since 2008 , currently as Director Strategic Initiatives. Together they will drive growth and innovation.

Representatives from Transporeon and TIM Consult

The Transporeon Group and TIM Consult merge. After the successful signing, themanagement is excited to work with each other (from left to right): Thomas Einsiedler (Chief Product Officer at Transporeon), Martin Mack (Managing Partnerand CTO at Transporeon), Björn Klippel (Managing Partner/CEO and Founder of TIM Consult), Oliver Kahrs (Director Strategic Initiatives at Transporeon and additional General Manager of TIM Consult) and Frieder Töpfer (Partner of TIM Consult).


About Transporeon

Transporeon is the worldwide cloud platform for intelligent transport logistics. Transporeon creates a digital connection between shippers and their logistic partners and supports transparent and cost-efficient goods flows across the globe. Transporeon also enables effective communication and cooperation in the worldwide shipper and logistics provider community through the digitalization of the entire logistic-supply chain.

The business connects a global network of over 1,000 shippers and trading companies, over 65,000 carriers (logistics and transport providers, third party logistics providers, carriers and brokers) and over 100,000 users in over 100 countries through a series of software-as-a-service-solutions, currently in 24 languages.

Unique on the market, the solutions of the Transporeon Group include onboarding, regular advice and support with multilingual customer support. This guarantees an individual, customized solution for every customer, improves the performance of the shippers/logistics providers and lowers the costs with simultaneous optimization of the logistics providers’ margins and reduction of CO2 emissions. The services of the Transporeon platform are ISO-27001 certified. The group has international offices in Europe, Russia, Asia and the USA. The headquarters of the Transporeon Group is in Ulm (Germany).


About TIM Consult

As an international consultancy specializing in business logistics, TIM Consult GmbH has developed appropriate solutions for the logistics of worldwide value networks and supply chains for over 20 years. Here, the business covers all goods-related business processes of procurement and supply chain management. More than 100 global enterprises from all continents are customers of TIM Consult, among them nearly all DAX 30 companies and more than half of the industrial Fortune 100 companies. Furthermore, TIM Consult advisesmedium-sized market leaders and hidden champions as well as renowned public institutions. The international team of more than 40 experts offers the leading market intelligence in ocean, air/express as well as land transport on all continents plusprocurement management services and supply chain and network optimization.

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