Mercareon enhances Carrefour's supply chain management

The collaborative Cloud platform created by Transporeon, dedicated to mass distribution, enables Carrefour's warehouses to be supplied more fluidly and to restore a trustworthy relationship between the brand and its suppliers.

To reduce the recurring problems of defects, delays or non-compliance of supplier deliveries to its warehouses, Carrefour needed a tool that would enable it to better regulate its goods reception flows. To achieve this, the retail chain chose to automate its relationship with its suppliers and transport service providers through the Mercareon collaborative platform. Initially tested on two warehouses during the "proof of concept" phase, the solution was successfully deployed in the summer of 2019 on 32 of Carrefour's warehouses in France, in only 7 months. By enabling Carrefour to manage delivery appointments more flexibly, the platform makes it possible to streamline the supply of goods to its warehouses. After receiving orders from suppliers that match Carrefour's orders, carriers only have to choose and book directly online a delivery time slot from among those offered by the retailer. This collaborative appointment scheduling also includes suppliers who have visibility over the time slots reserved by their transport providers.

Thanks to Mercareon, Carrefour can better plan and control its reception flows and adapt its warehouse load plan accordingly to improve product availability in shops. Suppliers make their deliveries to Carrefour's warehouses more reliable by reducing anomalies and therefore the corresponding penalties. Carriers have the flexibility to make appointments to increase their productivity by reducing the time they spend in the company's warehouses or waiting for deliveries.

"With Mercareon, our delivery default rate has been reduced from 8% to 4% on all our warehouse supplies. Above all, the platform has enabled us to restore a trustworthy relationship with our suppliers and transport service providers, in complete transparency through shared and uncontested information. This has led to a reduction in delivery conflicts and simplified the handling of claims," states Jean-Michel Lechat, Carrefour's Director of Logistics Organisation and Methods for France and Western Europe.

The platform provides centralized tracking of delivery anomalies and can even produce reporting tables or graphs that measure the performance of each carrier based on available raw data.

The company, which has deployed the Cloud Mercareon solution in 34 of its warehouses in France, plans to extend it to other sites in the very near future.

The Mercareon platform therefore provides Carrefour, its suppliers and carriers with a productivity gain that translates into a win-win-win partnership" states Valérie Carreau, Transporeon Sales Director for France.

In 2020, Mercareon will also develop other functionalities; it will interface with a warehouse access control system and will test the integration of ETA in the time slot with a partner supplier to enable Carrefour to anticipate events affecting its reception schedule.

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