Transporeon to offer freight audit and payment as part of its service, following acquisition of ControlPay

Transporeon is today announcing a further extension of its digital service offering, following its acquisition of ControlPay, Europe’s leading provider of freight audit and payment services. The acquisition means that Transporeon, Europe’s leading logistics network pro-vider for transport logistics services will be able to offer true “end-to-end” solutions, capturing the last steps in the value chain around invoice automation and analysis of payment-related data.

The ControlPay service is a natural complement to Transporeon’s existing portfolio of market intelligence services, freight procurement, execution and settlement offerings.

Founded in 2002 and serving customers globally across various industries, including automotive, industrial, consumer, pharma and healthcare, ControlPay streamlines the freight audit and finance process for both shippers and carriers. ControlPay’s platform is able to capture critical data across all transport modes, enabling participants to gain a true view on their logistic operations fully based on a single source of audited and indisputable data. The tie up between Transporeon and ControlPay generates significant additional synergies: as of today, over a third of all ControlPay customers are already part of Transporeon’s client base.

“We are delighted both to extend our service offering to customers and to welcome our ControlPay colleagues into the Transporeon family,” said Stephan Sieber, CEO of Transporeon. He added: “ControlPay further extends our customer offering to mission-critical areas such as billing automation and payment analysis. It is an ideal complement to our service portfolio in tendering and sourcing, transport execution with real-time visibility, market intelligence and settlement. For ControlPay’s customers, as well as its highly quali-fied workforce, we are committed to continued delivery of ControlPays’s world-class service!”

ControlPay CEO Bram Wegh remarked: “By joining the Transporeon Group, we see huge growth possibilities for our business as well as attractive opportunities for our growing workforce of over 275 people. We are looking forward to joining forces with Europe’s lead-ing logistics network for transport logistics!”

ControlPay’s founder Karel Kinds noted: “The business rationale for the combination with Transporeon is extremely compelling. I’m convinced that by becoming an integral part of the Transporeon Group, ControlPay and its customers will have a strong basis for continued sustainable growth into the future!”

About ControlPay

ControlPay was founded in 2002 to assist with the control of freight costs and the processing of invoices of large multinationals with complex logistics structures. Our time-tested cloud-based solutions enable us to deliver flexible and cost-effective services anywhere in the world. ControlPay’s strong heritage in logistics and roots in the freight forwarding industry have allowed us to become the largest freight audit company in Europe, as well as a key global provider. We have a truly international reach and business network with offices in the United States, Asia, Brazil, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Ukraine. A growing staff of over 275 people and advanced technologies empower us to serve customers in the automotive, industrial, consumer, pharma and healthcare industries.

More information about ControlPay

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