Covid-19: Freely accessible information on developments in European freight transport

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Transporeon provides decision-makers from logistics, business and administration with supplementary market information so that they can make the best possible decisions in this difficult economic situation. All developments in transport prices and freight capacity for European road transports are now available free of charge at

In order to support logistics managers in keeping global supply chains running, Transporeon has set up an information portal on its website under Corona Update on the effects of Covid-19 on the economy, freight transport and the logistics industry, which is updated regularly. Together with its real-time visibility partner Sixfold, Transporeon also provides information on the website about current border waiting times for trucks in Europe. In cooperation with Tim Consult, a subsidiary of Transporeon, the evaluations of the Transport Market Monitor (TMM), which were previously subject to a fee, will be made freely accessible to all users. In addition, the charts displayed in the TMM will be updated every 14 days instead of every month.
The TMM is a powerful analysis tool for the development of prices and available capacity in European road freight transport. It provides numerous analyses which are displayed online in charts – selectable for individual countries in and throughout Europe, for 80 country-country combinations and for more than ten different industries.

"Previously, only some charts of the TMM were available free of charge. Now we decided to make also the premium analyses of the development of transport market prices and capacities in individual sectors and our analyses in freight transport between individual EU countries available free of charge at least until the end of May. New users are very welcome. Our offer is aimed not only at logistics managers, but also at decision-makers from business, administration and politics", says Oliver Kahrs, Senior Manager Central Accounts & Partner Management of Transporeon. For full access to the TMM evaluations, new users can simply register for the free basic version TMM Freemium at "Like existing subscribers, they will immediately have access to all evaluations of the Premium options", Kahrs adds.

Development of prices and capacities for truck transports from Germany to Italy

Caption: Monthly development of transport market prices and capacities for road transports from Germany to Italy in the period April 2018 to mid-March 2020 (source: Transporeon / Tim Consult).

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