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TRANSPOREON is a web-based logistics platform that links industrial and trading companies with their existing logistics partners. It provides a cost-effective, transparent way of handling all transport logistics processes:

1. Time slot booking for delivery control
2. Transport assignment to a closed pool of carriers
(options: best carrier, no-touch order, dynamic contract)
3. Time slot booking for collection
4. Transport Visibility with status messages
5. Reporting (key indicators and information for decision-makers)
6. Transport Market Monitor (market indices: transport price, capacity, price difference)


TICONTRACT is an Internet-based platform for inviting tenders. It enables shippers to issue even the most complex international invitations to tender for all modes of transport (e.g. by road, sea or air) and find the best carriers for their purposes. The platform also makes it easy to manage freight rates and contracts.

You will find more information on the TICONTRACT platform for invitations to tender at: www.ticontract.com


The MERCAREON logistics platform was developed specifically for trade deliveries. MERCAREON closes the communication gap between suppliers, carriers and trading companies and supports smooth processing throughout the goods delivery process – from loading using the Transport Assignment functionality to delivery at the warehouse.

You will find more information on the MERCAREON logistics platform for trading companies at: www.mercareon.com


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